Wyatt Courtney, Kevin Smith, Sammy Reed

Delivery Team

Wyatt Courtney- Wyatt has been with Kitchen Concepts for more than one year now. Prior to working at Kitchen Concepts he was a driver at a well known moving company in Lexington. Wyatt is now the head driver for all deliveries at Kitchen Concepts. He loves his job because he is surrounded by so many great people.

Kevin Smith- Kevin started working for Kitchen Concepts in 2010. From 2011-2012 Kevin was deployed with the KYANG to the Middle East as part of Operation New Dawn and Spartan Shield. Kevin returned to Kitchen Concepts and is a warehouse/delivery worker, delivering dreams everyday.

Sammy Reed- Sammy worked for Sprint for five years and because of his strong work ethic, was promoted to store manager. In 2014 Sammy wanted a change so he became the lead delivery driver at Kitchen Concepts, and was then promoted to the Warehouse Manager position. Sammy takes pride in checking everything that comes in and is bayed in the correct place.